Warp tutorial

I got the idea from Dave Nagel of creative Mac who moderates the Studio Artist group at the WWUG's. It uses regional modulate warp in a Paint action sequence to generate a movie file of someone who looks like they are melting. I can be done with a still image as well as movie. This Tutorial is still a work in progress and I will post illustrations and a better description soon.
1. Load image into canvas (pulldown menu upper right)

2. Make the face the regional selection by going to canvas>set current regional selection to> canvas

3. go to operation warp>, regional modulate, set mask set up to paint in the pulldown menu (top middle)

3.5 Go to Operation> timeline>warp and set the # of frames to however long you want the animation (60 frames at 10/sec works pretty good).

4. open Action> pas window and click record, also

5. record a minimal change, by clicking in the imag

6. uncheck record

7. click and move a small bit

8. option click 5-10 frames later ( cell turns red from a key frame being entered_) Repeat till you reach the end of the time line. Command option click to remove a key frame

9. Its a good idea to save the PAS by action>export pas, you can preview the animation by clicking the animation button on the PAS window. With the mask set to paint sometimes its difficult to get the canvas image back to the original source, so if you set the mask to none before you reset the image to source then the image will go back to its original state so you can preview the entire animation

10 When the animation is tweaked to your liking, to generate a movie, go to movie>start movie to file, and name and save file

11. got to movie> generate frames >using PAS animation

12. Movie> stop movie to file when done

play back in SA by loading disk movie to canvas\