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Dr Dude.net Fixed Morphs Using the Animation Timeline
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In v 1.0 morphing was done using the transitional morph function. Basically you would set up bezier curves on 2 layers and morph onto another layer. This is well described in the synthetik demos by Jason Sharp. Fixed morphs are little different and can also be used to morph between 2 movie files.

In this tutorial I will morph the picture of a baby with a cleft lip into a picture after the repair figure 1a abd 1b. You can get larger images to try the exersize on your own by clicking here.

To see the final morph movie click here.
Fig1a Fig1b
1. Start SA and pick a source images (the image you want to morph from). Fig1a

2. Open the layers window (canvas>layers window) and the Paint action window (action>Paint action window). Erase all the actions by pushing the erase button in the paint action window.

3. In the layer window, make 2 new layers by pushing the new button 2 times..

4. Label the layers in the layers window, I will label them; morph for layer 1, before (layer 2), and after (layer 3). The layers window should look like figure 2, when your done.

Fig 2
5. Load the before image into layer 2. To do this select layer 2(by pushing the little button to the left of the name (fig2 arrow). With layer 2 selected, pick the source image from the popup menu and push the arrow. (Figure 3). By the way, the white dot and will erase the current layer and the black arrow will reset the canvas to what ever is selected in the pop up menu.
Fig 3
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