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Directors Notes

The idea for the begining of the video came from a friend of mine who thought we needed to tie it all together. I recorded the sound of my Nikon N2000 camera through the little mic on my G4 computer to give the 'tinny' clicking sound. We were looking to get that Vh1 'behind the music' feel to the video starting off w/ Richie dead from an alcohol related car crash. Our basic message is : don't let this happen to you.
I shot this scene in the hallway outside the OR during the day. Everyone was wondering what the heck I was up to. I used a slow shutter speed to give the slow mo effect. We reused the same OR doors throughout the video. Yes, that is my diluted blood.
This was one of my personal favorite shots of the guys in the OR. It was their first time and they were thrilled to be in a real OR. They were very enthusiastic, giving a sense of reality to the darker OR scenes. During the editing, I stumbled on the right place to add the slow motion while they were walking down the hall, for the added drama. The voice of the newscaster was my little girls nanny, and she did a great job. We recorded the session in just a few takes, also done w/ just the little mic that comes w/ the macintosh.
The story behind the black car was kind of funny. We shot the cemetary scene at the Alpine Cemetary, totally guerilla style, no permission. As soon as we started shooting the owner drove up wanting to know what we were doing. He was cool about the whole thing and the maintanance crew was stoked we were shooting a rock video at their grave yard. They have 2 great classic cars are were generous enough to let us shoot inside of them. We left a spot light on, directly on the seat of the car and almost started a fire! Poor Richie, it was like 90 degrees in that hot black car. Nobody ever said being a rock star was easy.
This another shot from Alpine Cemetary. My partner shot the cemetary sign and some other cool cemetary extra's like the angel at the end of the video that really made some nice effects for compositing
I had code names for the 2 different 3d scenes. The first was called octaworld, beacuse of the way the camera swung around and followed the walls. The use of moving video on the walls was a great way to advance the story and yet get in lots of shots of the guys and Lisa, our female star.
The end of octaworld was a matter of heated debate. The initial versions had exploding text w/ the sirens wail logo. I liked it but the band more or less hated it, and forced me to come up w/ something better. This is probably the coolest part of the video now. I did it in Boris Fx inside after efects using combination of filters. I used a 'difference' transfer mode to give it the negative art effect.
We were almost done w/ the shoot when someone noticed the 'Big Rock'. We ended up shooting another hour there and got some great shots. We shot some motion footage using the truck to move the camera.
The garage door scenes were also shot at the cemetary. They are very 90's but I couldn't resist. Because of the differences in height of the band we shot close in using a wide angle lens. I used this frame grab for the cover of the dvd.
3d land #2 code named mazeland was created in Adobe After effects 5.5, using the new 3d features. Again I was looking for a surreal effect of watching your life go by as you go through the tunnel of light, while your dying. Then I had richie wake up in a blurry dream state, dream back ot OR 8. This probably took the most time of all the scenes. AE is a capable program but there are still some things that could be more refined. I used a HSL filter from Boris FX for AE to saturate the images on the walls of the video for more drama. I was hoping to get more female skin as part of this scene but the band was unable to provide more raw materials. There are some great shots of the guys playing in their rehearsal studio, which is a tiny place. I used my widest angle lens to make the place look bigger. I also got in a shot of Lisa, reaching for Ritchie as he was leaving 3d land.
These scenes were composited over blood being sucked into a suction bucket to give the bloody appearance to the images. The shot of me and Lisa was really funny. We shot an ok take on the first try. We then tried to reshoot the take, and were laughing so hard we never could get a decent take. She is such a happy person it was a real struggle for her to look sad ( we should all be so lucky). The people in the OR weren't helping, they were trying to crack us up. The shot on the right, was shot in the cemetary and looked kind of goofy but I liked the 80/90's look. It was the perfect spot, it had the head stone and cross just perfectly placed almost like we put them there as props.
I always hate when medical shows have bogus medical activities, so to get the correct rythems I borrowed the arrythmia generator from the ACLS office to grab these ECG strips. The feed back of the guitar kind of mimics the v fib, and the asystole occurs after defibrillation. I used Boris Red to do the compositing. A cardiologist friend of mine was watching the video and was nodding as the strip went by.The guys had great time w/ the defibrillator and looked quite comfortable w/ its use. I wish that was true at all the codes I go to.
This was one image I originally had in octaworld, but took put because of the legal implications. We can dream can't we?
I want to say thanks to all the people who helped us w/ production and shooting. Lisa Thomas, and Whitney Stromer, Melanie Maxfield for providing us the 'Babe'. Larry Salazar and Brian Shaw for camera help, Alpine cemetary, MaryBeth, UCSD OR night shift, Boris FX, William Ricks for all the assistance putting hard drives into my sup'ed up g4, Eric the count von borstel for the burning car idea and helpful critique and especially Renee and Emma for putting up w/ my months of late night computer sessions.

Rock on world, Sirens Wail and Drdude are on the loose....


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